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MIRANDA ZULU – HE KNOWS ME BY MY NAME: Director Woman November

This November, Director Woman got to know Personal Finance YouTuber and Content Creator (among many other amazing things) Miranda Fezeka Zulu. In conversation with our Editor, Miranda shares with us her personal, mindset and career evolution and how she is able to lead an inclusive financial fitness conversation for different audiences in very different places …

Mansa Richardson
Director Woman Magazine Issue 01

Mansa Richardson, CEO of Bareskinn

Her smile can light up a room. Her multi-Instagram feeds? Carefully manicured, clearly a smart woman. It was the bio that gave it away. You’ll likely whisper โ€œsheโ€™s brilliantโ€ to yourself if you encountered her. The woman runs 4 business brands and makes it look like a dream. Thereโ€™s something very gentle about Mansa (25) …