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APPLICATIONS OPEN: Give your biz a home away from home on!

The headache of trying to figure out what a landing page is and then designing one is one many startup business owners know all too well. A couple of months later, that headache becomes a migraine once you have to have a website designed, which can run you upwards of R1500! We’re changing that!

The Basadi Bohlale Initiative is a triple threat Initiative for black girl brand owners – it is one part landing page, one part business list and one part Press Room, all from just R350 once off for 2 years.

In true type4girl tradition, we’re looking to onboard companies owned by women who also contribute to the empowerment of other women. This Initiative significantly reduces the financial and emotional stress of having a landing page or website built,” says type4girl President, Masekane Nkwana.

Here’s why you should apply to be part of Basadi Bohlale:

1 DIGITAL PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING, if clients can’t find you online, they can’t trust your brand!

Most people are like you and I, when someone recommends a product to them or even if they’re blind buying, they quickly head to Google to see how ‘real’ your brand is. And if they can’t find a trace of your business anywhere, they question just how genuine you are. Reasonably so, how is it 2022 and they can’t find an article about your products or a website or landing page? You have nothing to lose by getting your brand online; and why not do it with us?

2 PUT YOUR MONEY TO BETTER USE, you don’t have to part with R1500+ for your brand to have a home on the internet

The core purpose of this Initiative is to help young women of colour start the process of introducing and establishing their personal or business brand online. If you own a private company, you’ll only pay R550 once-off and host your landing page on for the next 2 years at no additional cost. When you’re starting out, you’ll need every last cent to build and grow your business, R1500+ for a 1page website is wasted if you’ll have no operational funds to launch your business.

3 PARTNER WITH US to help manage your digital PR function

When you become part of the Basadi Bohlale Initiative, you instantly become a Content and Marketing Partner. You have the option to use our publication, website and podcast to educate your prospective clients and our growing community about your products and as a Press Office. This helps increase your visibility and draws more potential clients your way.

4 GAIN ACCESS TO useful templates and tutorials that we’re developing just for you

Whether it’s a newsletter, social media graphics or tips on how to secure that radio interview or newspaper feature, we’re developing awesome Canva templates and ebooks that’ll you’ll access for FREE, anytime!


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