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Style Inspo: 5 protective hairstyles to try

5 natural hairstyles to try

Our hair is versatile, one of the many reasons why we say it’s magic – but sometimes, you want to try something else… Something protective, maybe something like these 5 bomb hairstyles created by amazing local beauty houses.

Sidebar: No, today we’re not dealing with the protective hairstyles debate – there’s just one thing we’d like you to remember – every hairstyle, protective or not, needs you to take care of it.

These picks are perfect for a busy week at the office, a weekend away, or a night out on the town a post Covid dream, Zoom meetings and dressing up for pictures and your couch. Whatever, whenever, you deserve a look if you feel like it.



Threading is something that has been a part of our lives forever. The downside (at least for 90s babies and their elders) was that it could be really tight and stress your edges. But we know better now, so if you go the threading route, make sure you make it durable, but gentle on your hair.



Black girl ingenuity has really put a whole new dimension to Bantu knots – there’s literally a Bantu knot style for every day of the week. And we agree, they deserve a piece of their own. While we don’t have any bones to pick, ‘ghetto’ certainly isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we see these.


So next time you graduate… Or someone close to you says “thungisani“, you don’t have to search too far – nawe thungisa, ube muhle!

thungisani – used to mean someone has found the ‘one’ and needs you to prepare your wedding outfit; nawe thungisa, ube muhle have no fear, get your dress made and be cute!

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